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At HOA.com, We Are a Community of Champions for Homeowners.

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At HOA.com, we are a Community of Champions for Homeowners.

We believe there’s a better way to HOA and we’re building online neighborhood websites for the 370,000+ homeowner associations (HOAs) in America.

Each hyper-local neighborhood website provides news, events, information, and resources to make your homeowner journey easier and better.

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Each neighborhood website connects you with local news, events, and top trusted pros to keep you informed and empowered.

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Are you looking for a home service professional you can trust? HOA.com makes it easy to find trusted local professionals who specialize in exactly the type of work you need done.

  • Compare prices, read verified reviews, and book top-rated pros in your area.
  • Check out prices and chat through the project with local pros.
  • Choose your Pro and book the project online.

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Get an Instant Valuation

Thinking of selling your home? Curious how much your home is worth?

Our HomeSafe Report TM provides you instant home valuation providing you a view of what you could expect if you listed your home.

It’s a seller’s market, and your property is probably worth more than you think!

In a few seconds, you will be comparing multiple home value estimates, market trends, nearby home sales, and much more.

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How Does It Work?
Simply provide us with your property address and our algorithms utilize sales price history and other trend data to determine your home’s current value
Become an HOA.com Certified Pro
Free Home Value Report
Our pricing engine allows you to compare multiple property value estimates in one place, including homes that have sold nearby. See how your home stacks up!
Become an HOA.com Certified Pro
Taxes & Sales History
Monitor how your tax and sales history has fluctuated over the years and what that means for today’s market.
Become an HOA.com Certified Pro
Market Trends
Access accurate and timely data like how much homes are selling for, and how long they’re on the market.