5 Tips to Keep Scorpions Away from Your Home

Five Ways to Prevent Scorpions from Entering Your Home

  1. Seal Cracks & Crevices: Be sure to seal up any cracks, crevices, or other entry points where scorpions may enter your home. Pay special attention to windows and door frames, as well as foundations and walls.
  2. Clean Up Debris: Scorpions love debris piles, so be sure to keep clutter away from the foundation of your home. Get rid of piles of wood, leaves, rocks, and garbage that could provide hiding places for scorpions near your house.
  3. Keep Outdoor Areas Carefully Lit: Scorpions like dark places, so make sure you have enough outdoor lighting to deter them. Install floodlights in areas around your home with enough wattage to keep scorpions away.
  4. Use Traps and Baits: Strategically place traps and baits around the exterior of your home in order to catch any scorpions that are lurking around looking for an entry point into the house. Make sure you’re using an effective bait that appeals to a wide variety of species.
  5. Hire a Professional Extermination Service: It is highly recommended that you hire a professional pest control service if you are facing an infestation problem – especially if it is severe enough that you’re unable to handle it yourself using DIY methods such as those mentioned above.

Additional Ideas to Help Keep Scorpions Out of Your House

  1. Utilize Natural Repellents: There are various types of natural repellents available on the market – including essential oils or chemical-free sprays – which can help repel pests like scorpions from entering your home or yard area.

7 . Utilize Scorpicide Sprays : If all other methods fail , you may have no choice but to use a strong pesticidal spray in order to eradicate any remaining stubborn scorpion invaders . Be sure to research and purchase one which works effectively against scorpions specifically , as some sprays work better against different kinds of pests .

When Hiring a professional to Keep Scorpions Away from Your Home is Necessary

Living in an area infested with scorpions can be a real nightmare, as these creatures can cause harm to oneself and loved ones. The best way to protect your home is to hire a professional pest control service for scorpion extermination. One of our trusted members can attend you in Phoenix. Set an appointment with Michael Porter from Porter Pest Management to learn more about the best way to protect your home.

Professional insecticide treatments are designed to keep Scorpions away from your home by disrupting the breeding cycle, reducing the population of existing Scorpions and making it difficult for any new arrivals.

In addition, treating outside surfaces like window sills, eaves and doorframes will reduce the number of insects entering the home. In short, expert scorpion removal services provide you with peace of mind that your house is well secured against unwelcome surprises.

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