Artificial Turf Installation by the Pros in Peoria, AZ

“Do you want the best-looking, most durable artificial turf for your Peoria backyard?”

If this is important to you then doing some research into installation services is a good decision. You also need to consider the costs associated with installation services before deciding on an artificial turf company. Many companies quote per square foot, but it is vital that you get accurate measurements of the area where the turf will be installed so no corners are cut during installation. Read more about getting started with planning your backyard oasis, including information about picking out specific brands designed for Arizona’s climate.

First of all, know that prices differ depending upon whether or not heat retention or UV resistance is absolutely necessary for your choice of turf material. Other factors that affect the price are whether or not you are purchasing infill material with your turf, how many seams there are in your yard, and if the company is laying down a weed barrier.

One issue you must deal with when considering artificial turf for Peoria homes is Arizona’s heat and intense sunshine. Laying down an infill under your turf can cut back on heat and UV damage quite a bit, but it also adds to the installation costs significantly. If the area where you live receives direct sunlight all day long then be prepared to spend more money to get a resilient brand of artificial grass designed for such conditions. These brands will stay green year-round whereas cheaper varieties may start to fade by May or June time frame.

Also, loose sand or soil must be laid down on top of compacted base material before artificial turf is installed. This makes the process more expensive as well. It’s vital that this layer acts as a weed barrier so seeds and other vegetation cannot enter through gaps in the turf seams.

The least expensive grassy-looking types of artificial turf for Peoria homes are designed to resemble natural varieties such as buffalo and Bermuda grass. These cost less because they do not come with UV protection or separate infill. You can save even more money by opting out of installing an underlayment heat barrier, but it will wear out very quickly especially during hot summer months.  For those who need protection from harsh sunlight, know that artificial turf made with synthetic fibers is most often used by the pros in Peoria. This type of grass does not fade for many years and looks great year-round. The only drawback is that it costs more than other varieties.

You can obtain free quotes (usually on a per square foot basis) online from some major companies located in Peoria, but always check reviews first before entrusting your home to any company. It’s also good practice to shop around for prices between at least three different companies so you can get an accurate estimate of real installation costs based on company size, experience, and personal referrals. Some installers will even offer discounts during certain months of the year, especially summertime when people are dying to get a new backyard oasis installed.

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