Five Turf Services Every Lawn Owner Should Know About

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Five services you need to keep your artificial lawn in optimal condition

  1. Installation

When installing artificial turf, it’s important to select a company that knows what they are doing and can provide the necessary preparation and grading for the site. While installation is usually performed by professional technicians, many companies also offer DIY options depending on budget and skillset. Starting with a level surface is essential for creating an even look across the lawn.

  1. Maintenance

It’s essential to know how to care for your artificial turf correctly in order to maintain its color, texture and overall condition. This typically involves performing regular inspections of the lawn, spot cleaning any dirt or debris on the surface, removing any dead grass clippings, and keeping it free from weeds and other pests. Proper maintenance also includes occasionally brushing the grass with specialized tools and infill materials as needed in order to keep it looking fresh and new for years to come.

  1. Infill Options

In addition to blades of synthetic grass, most artificial turf systems use some form of infill material which helps with cushioning when playing on or walking across the lawn. Infill options vary widely from rubber granules to sand or foam particles depending on your field type or desired performance characteristics such as cushioning, drainage, ball-stopping capabilities and more

  1. Deodorization Services

It’s not uncommon for pet owners who have installed artificial turf at their homes to experience odor problems over time due to urine build up within the infill material which breeds bacteria buildup underneath the turf system itself. To prevent these issues from occurring regularly or getting out of control companies offer deodorization services such as enzyme based cleaners or specially formulated powders in order to neutralize any potential smells before they become noticeable.

     5 .Pest Control

Finally, one important service that all artificial turf owners should be aware of is pest control services provided by specialty companies who understand how to exterminate potential insects without compromising safety or damaging the environment surrounding the turf system correctly. Pests like legionella along with fleas and ticks can easily infiltrate your lawn undetected but with proper prevention methods in place you can dramatically reduce their chances of infiltrating your property altogether

Keeping a healthy lawn makes property owners happy

Joshua Apodaca from Artificial Grass Masters knows how to keep a green color to your entire lawn. Artificial Turf is created and maintained with quality products, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach. Even business owners have seen the benefits of artificial turf and have made the switch.

The key to a successful installation is proper preparation and grading of the site. It’s important to start with a level surface in order to create an even look across the lawn. Professional technicians are usually hired for installation, so it is better to call a professional team of Artificial Grass Masters today.

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