Here’s what you need to know when looking at current mortgage rates in Phoenix, AZ

What does the future hold for Phoenix, AZ real estate? Will the housing market continue its upward trajectory or will prices start to drop?

With home values continuing to rise across the nation, Phoenix, AZ has become a hot spot for buyers. While home prices in other areas are beginning to slow down, they remain strong in Arizona. As a result, demand continues to outpace supply. This trend should continue over the next several years.

Homeownership is one of the biggest financial decisions people make in their lives. If you’re considering buying a house, now is the time to take action and contact Stephanie Simpson, a Loan Officer with Citywide Home Loans. Get preapproved for a loan before the competition does.

What kind of mortgage options are out there today?

If you want to buy a house, you’ll need a loan. That means you’ll need to decide where to get funds from—and how much cash you need to save before buying.

The home-buying process is complicated enough without having to worry about interest rates or the type of loan you choose. This quick guide breaks down the basics you need to know to figure out what kind of loan makes sense for you.

  1.  There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Every financial decision has costs associated with them, whether they’re upfront or hidden. Make sure you understand the tradeoffs of each option.
  2. Look for a lender who offers flexible terms. That way, you don’t lock yourself into a long-term contract.
  3. Get prequalified before shopping around. A prequalification lets you see exactly how much funding you’d qualify for and gives you a better idea of your options.
  4.  Find a lender who understands your situation. As a buyer, you should never sign anything until you read it thoroughly. Ask questions about the fine print and make sure you understand every term.

8 Reasons to contact a Loan Officer at Citywide Home Loans before going to a Home lender

  1. A loan officer is a professional who helps people apply for loans. They are trained to help people understand their options and choose the best option for them.
  2. A loan officer works with many different types of lenders including banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, and private investors.
  3. A loan officer may work for a bank or a non-bank lender.
  4. A loan officer can help you secure a home loan, auto loan, personal loan, small business loan, commercial real estate loan, and even student loan.

  5. A loan officer can assist you with any type of loan application.
  6. A loan officer can give you advice on what type of loan is right for you.
  7. A loan officer may offer you special financing programs.
  8. A loan officer can negotiate lower interest rates for you.

Stephanie Simpson, a Loan Officer with Citywide Home Loans, works hard to ensure that your loan application is processed quickly and accurately. She keeps you informed throughout the process, helping you understand what to expect next. She also helps you choose the best financing options available and provides expert advice about your credit score and financial situation. Stephanie believes in honesty and ethics, always keeping your interests first.

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