How Much it Costs Putting Green in Your Phoenix Home Backyard

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Important things to consider to maintain a green backyard if it’s not artificial grass

  1. Watering

Watering is one of the most basic practices that should be followed while gardening. You need to water your garden at least once every day. When planting seeds, keep them moist until they sprout. As soon as roots start appearing, stop watering.

  1. Soil pH

The ideal pH level of your soil is between 6.0-8.0. If your soil is acidic, add some sulfur based fertilizer to raise its pH levels. On the contrary, if your soil is alkaline, then add limestone or wood ash to lower its pH.

  1. Fertilizer

You need to apply fertilizer two times per year. In spring, apply a half dose of 10-20-10 fertilizer to boost root growth. Then again in autumn, apply a full dose of 20-30-20 fertilizer to promote flowering.

  1. Seedlings

Seedlings require special care. First, make sure that your seedlings have enough space to grow. Second, never let them dry out. Third, cover them with shade cloth to prevent direct sunlight. Lastly, don’t forget to give them ample amounts of water.

  1. Weed Control

Weeds are a big problem for many people. To get rid of weeds, use Roundup herbicide. Make sure that you spray it only after the sun sets. Also, remove any weeds that appear later than four weeks after application.

  1. Mulching

Mulch helps retain moisture in the ground and keeps harmful insects away. A thick layer of mulch helps reduce evaporation and conserve water. It also prevents weed growth.

  1. Pest control

Pests cause damage to both plants and gardens. To solve this issue, use natural pest repellents like mint oil and garlic. Keep your garden clean and free of debris to avoid attracting pests.

Is Artificial grass better for my backyard then?

You should consider the size of your yard and whether or not you’d like to have other types of plants (like trees) growing in your space. Artificial turf is much easier on your lawn than natural grass. You don’t need to water it or fertilize it every day like you would with real grass. It also requires less maintenance, so you’ll spend less time mowing, trimming, and watering.

Artificial turf is made from polyethylene fiber, which does not rot or decay like natural grass. It also provides a safer surface for children and pets. Before you take a final decition, get more information by contacting Joshua Apodaca from Artificial Grass Masters today.

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