If You Are In Phoenix Area These Are The 7 Facts About Solar That Will Blow Your Mind

The popularity of solar energy for household and commercial use has accelerated in recent years. This is due to the compelling combination of modern solar panel efficiency and current money-saving solar incentives, which are solar energy facts.

Going solar today makes more sense than ever before; you’ve probably noticed solar panel systems popping up all over town and wondered what they were all about. Are they suitable for you? August Heiss of ADH Solar in Phoenix is the best person to respond to that concern.

These are the 7 facts about solar that will blow your mind:

The most abundant source of energy is solar power.

  • The total annual energy consumption of everyone on the planet is equal to the amount of potential solar energy that falls on Earth’s surface in one hour. The quantity of energy produced by 20 days of sunshine is equivalent to all of the world’s coal, oil, and natural gas combined.

Solar is the most cost-effective energy source.

  • Since 2008, the cost of solar panels has plummeted by 80%. The cost of generating and installing new solar power generation fell to $1.65 per watt in December 2016, just edging out its renewable counterpart wind ($1.66/Watt) and fossil fuel competitors until now.

Solar energy can function even if there is no direct sunlight.

  • Solar panels do not require direct sunlight because natural daylight is powerful enough to generate electricity. Solar panels may generate power even in overcast conditions thanks to Concentrator Photovoltaics in the panels.

Solar energy battles climate change

  • Solar power is a renewable and environmentally friendly energy source with a minimal carbon footprint. Unlike burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas it emits greenhouse gases and harmful pollution.

Solar energy has the potential to power a complete home and more.

  • Most solar panel systems nowadays are built to meet your everyday energy needs, including air conditioners and other large appliances. For grid-tied systems, net metering ensures that you always have access to the energy you require. You can also add an energy storage battery to your system to supplement your solar energy supply.

Solar panels can be used to charge electric automobiles.

  • This fact of solar energy goes unnoticed. When solar panels are combined with an electric vehicle and a home EV charger, you not only save money on gas and power but also eliminate nearly all of your carbon impact.

Solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years

  • Solar panels are not only incredibly affordable, but they are also a long-lasting energy source with a lifespan of nearly three decades. Solar panels, on the other hand, will not be obsolete in 30 years. The panels will continue to generate electricity, although at a reduced pace.

But don’t worry! You can boost the durability of the solar panel system in your Phoenix home by choosing ADH Solar, your reliable solar company that respectfully educates and provide you with the best long-term energy-efficient solar panels.

To know more about our products and services, you can contact August Heiss of ADH Solar in Phoenix today at (623) 244-4040.

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