Interior Design Styling in Phoenix for the Luxury Look

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The Luxury Look is a home staging company that is located in Phoenix that has won many awards in interior design. The design company specializes in home interior design, airbnbs, company branding, and all facets of home staging. The company has been in business for just under 10 years but the founder and CEO of the company brings over 35 years of experience to the team.

Interior Design

The Luxury Looks is a full-service interior design company. They can design your new build, remodels, or just give you a quick make-over. They will start out by refreshing everything from the walls, flooring and lighting. After the foundation work has been completed, they will then concentrate on working with the furniture and final touches of the accessories that make the rooms pop. The team at the Luxury Look is constantly keeping up to date on the cutting edge of the industry.

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Interior Styling

With the use of an interior stylist, the Luxury Look will help you in preparations for spaces for visual media with different magazine and television shoots. They will beautify any room that you have without having to make any kinds of structural modifications to it. They will listen to client needs and then go from there.

Home Staging

The Luxury Look is a home staging company that has won many awards. They work with both homes that have people living in them, as well as vacant properties, specialize in working with homes to get them sold. They have helped homeowners just like you in selling their home. Your home will quickly sell, and you may possibly even get a better selling profit. If needed, the company also can help with rental properties for you while your home is being staged and helping you to prepare for the photo shoot. Another neat feature is that you can pay for your home staging, after your home has closed.

Airbnb Staging

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Airbnb are a big money maker for many individuals. The Luxury Look has helped many property owners with guest ratings that impact their bookings and pocketbook. Even the littlest thing can cause your ratings to drop. The company will help your Airbnb keep those great ratings. The company will look at everything from the decor making sure everything matches, to the linens, and to what it stocked in the kitchen. You do not want your property to become a vacant vacation rental. One purchase from the Luxury Look Loft can get your property with all the house wares that will be needed to fully outfit your Airbnb rental.

Commercial Staging

Empty commercial properties can just look bland. If you want the property to lease quickly, you are going to want to get it staged properly. Showing an empty space can make potential lessees or even prospective buyers see negative aspects. The commercial staging experts at the Luxury Look will design the space to sell making it a well-designed space. It may be just as simple as changing a paint color or by just adding some nice artwork in the entrance of the property.

Corporate Branding

The Luxury Look can help with product launches, television commercials, set designs, remodels for marketing and event purposes, and photoshoots. They will make sure that potential distractions are not around when your clients, guests, or attendees arrive. It is important to have a professional stager work with your photographers to make sure that the spaces and products in the photos are ready for the camera.

With over 100 successful client relationships with everyone from celebrities, private high net-worth individuals and Fortune 500 companies; The Luxury Look strives to push the limits of the interior design world. To contact them personally for more info contact them at: 480-339-0018 or go to

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