Know More About The Latest House Trends in Denver Area

2022 is an intriguing year for interior design as we attempt to return to normalcy. Still, this is the new norm, and for the foreseeable future, many of us will continue to spend a big deal of time at home. It’s vital to pick furniture, décor, and finishes that won’t seem antiquated in a year, whether you’re moving into a new house, remodeling your present one, or even simply considering any of these options. Here are the latest house trends in Denver Area in 2022.

Colourful Kitchen

Throughout the pandemic, our design decisions have centered on reducing volatility and unpredictability via the use of soothing neutrals and cozy soft furniture. But when we gradually emerge with a sense of hope and optimism for the future, bright and happy color combinations become increasingly appealing throughout the home.

No longer are kitchens limited to neutrals, blues, or greens, a love of color has spread to the heart of the home. With colorful stoves and AGAs, painted walls, decorations, and splashbacks, there is a trend in this space to introduce a larger color palette.

According to Nancy Henderson, a reputable real estate agent with High Ridge Realty in Morrison, cabinets are being painted in a variety of colors to differentiate them from high and low-level furnishings and kitchen islands. Colored cabinets are varied in the shade for a more confident aspect, producing a modern and lively room.

Home Office

There is increased interest in designing the perfect home office. From a spacious room with all the necessary equipment to a foldable desk in the living room, home offices come in various kinds and sizes. But regardless of style, the objective is to make your space function for you. Consider the importance of utility, practicality, and aesthetics while constructing your own office.


Real estate agents with an immense experience like Nancy Henderson will tell you that cottagecore, is one of the most significant trends to emerge in 2021, with far more Google searches worldwide than any other design aesthetic, will continue to dominate in 2022.

The Cottagecore movement exemplifies The Good Life, borrowing influence from the countryside’s expansive meadows and wildflowers. It captures the appearance and allure of a beautiful country home by using classic flower designs and patterns, chalk-painted surfaces, organic textures, and woods, thereby creating a healthy, pastoral, and conscientious rural atmosphere.

Sleep Sanctuary

In the past 18 months, many of us have been using bedrooms as home offices as we navigate working from home. For 2022, there is a desire for the bedroom to become a tranquil, serene hideaway.

Designing a setting conducive to restful sleep will be of utmost importance. There will be a trend toward simplifying the bedroom by removing clutter and distractions and replacing them with elegantly arranged beds with soft and welcoming cushions and investment bedding.

Shades of Green

Our connection to nature and the environment around us has never been more significant than during the epidemic. After being cooped up indoors for so long, we have learned to appreciate the ability of nature to uplift and revitalize us.

Pinterest has witnessed an 80 percent surge in searches for green decor inspiration this year, as we embrace an abundance of nature-inspired green tones.

To Conclude

Nancy Henderson of High Ridge Realty sees 2022 as a year that will have a lot of fun. People want to have more fun in their homes, and they’re prepared to experiment with bolder colors, patterns, and ornamental features than in previous years. For more information, contact Nancy at (720) 664-7864.

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