Time to Pressure Wash Your Home in Preparation for New Paint this Summer

Preparation is key to the new paint staying new. Pressure washing your house will keep it looking new and help prepare for the new paint this summer.

Use soap – tickle your pressure washer soap tip with water and spray soapy solution on the areas where new paint will be.  Be careful not to oversaturate any area, making sure that there are no puddles of un-saturated/un-rinsed soap left on your house or deck.  This can damage or discolor certain types of surfaces.

Water first – you need to moisten new paint so the new paint will stick better.  It’s been said over and over, but it is true: new paint won’t stick without wetting new surfaces first.  If your pressure washer didn’t come with a new paint prep attachment, just use a standard spray tip and saturate all new areas on your house before applying new paint.

Clean old paint – remove any loose, peeling, or flaking old paint from your home by going over these areas with a power washer at high pressure

(around 1500psi works well).

Avoid dry scraping – it is important not to scrape off surface layers of existing paint.  Pressure washing new paint will make it stick better, but be careful not to scrape the new paint off.

Use a new surface – new surfaces are easier to clean and the new paint will adhere better.  It’s important to use a newly painted surface as opposed to an older existing one for new house paint.

Once your preparation work is done, you can finally apply new exterior house paint. First, clean the blades of your pressure washer completely and then heat up your sprayer tip using a blow torch or heat gun until is hot enough that it turns red (about 500 degrees Fahrenheit).  This is called “seasoning” your tip.  Seasoning increases water flow, speeds up evaporation of water droplets, which produces finer spray particles, and increases the efficiency of new paint coatings.

Now you are ready to apply new exterior house paint!  You should start at the top with new paints and new surfaces so that they stick better.  If your new paint is metal or an alloy, be careful!  These can get burned by high-pressure washers if they aren’t hot enough (remember: about 500 degrees Fahrenheit). New exterior house paint makes a world of difference for homes across America.  Now that you have successfully pressure washed your home and primed it for the new paint this summer, it’s time to finally do all of those projects that have been waiting.

Good new paint boosts curb appeal, home value and new exterior house paint can keep your new paint looking new longer.  It’s summertime, new exterior house paint has been applied and new exterior house paint reflects the blistering sun. One of the many new projects that you can plan now is new front porch paint.

If new exterior house paint isn’t your only new summer project, new siding paint will make your home look brand new too! New exterior house paint is a fantastic way to give your home new life and new front porch paint and new siding paint will put the new exterior house paint to good use. 

You may contact A Affordable Painting at (702) 996-4379 if you’re looking to make a newly painted home this year.

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