Top low-risk investment options for the Denver area this 2022

Financial planning tools allow you to calculate different scenarios for your future personal and professional goals. You will be able to see if your individual situation will provide adequate resources to achieve your long-term financial goals or if you need to adjust your budgeting strategy. How? Five Rings Financial has financial professionals with the knowledge you need to answer your questions, like:

  • What is the best way to invest your time and resources?
  • Is it better to put them into stocks or bonds?
  • What about real estate versus precious metals?
  • Should you diversify your investments across multiple asset classes?

Investment decisions are some of the most important financial choices we make. They affect our future well-being and wealth. Most of us spend far too little time thinking about these matters.

At its core, investing means buying something with the expectation that its value will go up over time. This is why investors are often called risk-takers. Whether you want to build long-term wealth or simply get rich quickly, you need to choose a strategy that meets your personal goals.

Top low-risk investment options you will encounter in your buying journey

  1. Cannabis industry companies are the safest investments. These publicly traded companies have seen unprecedented growth in the last few years. You can invest in these stocks via any broker that allows direct access to US exchanges. The best thing about investing in cannabis stocks is that they’re based in Colorado, where recreational marijuana use became legal in 2014.
  2. Real estate is another great option for investors seeking out high returns while minimizing risk. As the population of Colorado continues to grow, so does the demand for housing. 
  3. Stocks are yet again another solid investment choice. Investing in cannabis stocks has historically provided good returns, and the market is expected to boom even further once Colorado fully legalizes marijuana.
  4. Bitcoin is a digital currency that can provide higher returns than traditional investments like stocks and bonds. Digital currencies aren’t regulated by government agencies or subject to inflation, meaning your return on investment is likely to stay relatively stable.
  5. Gold is one of the oldest forms of asset protection and wealth preservation. Gold tends to perform well during economic turmoil, making it a popular investment among those looking for safety.
  6. Silver is similar to gold, except its price fluctuates less. Silver tends to remain steady throughout the year, so it is ideal for investors who want to diversify their portfolios.

Helping the creativity in people with financial expertise

Many people want to retire early but don’t know how to go about doing so. It takes creative ideas, but also financial planning to make sure you’re prepared and ready when you finally decide to call it quits.

Preparing financially for your future is an essential step in your life. Brandi Tafoya from Five Rings Financial can help you plan ahead with tax-advantaged savings plans, income stream options, and long-term planning tools. Retirement planning doesn’t have to be complicated. She can help you create and achieve your dream retirement.

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