Why 2022 is the Year to Add Solar onto Your Phoenix Home

The average cost of a residential system has dropped by 52 percent, and this number will continue to drop as time goes on. 

As prices get lower and return on investments get higher, the industry continues to push forward.  For example, in 2017 alone, there has been news of China finishing their largest solar farm in the world and India’s goal of running off 100 percent renewable energy by 2020. As these rapidly expanding countries continue to grow at great speed, they increase our desire for efficient renewable resources that will help power them in Mother Earth’s never-ending quest to support us in hopes that we may preserve her beauty before it is too late.

Phoenix residents like you are able to make this change happen. Investing in Solar Panels on your home could be one of the best ways to help impact our planet; not only can it lessen our dependence on fossil fuels but it allows even working families to do their part.  Solar energy gives you or anyone else planting the seed the ability to take control of your own power, and we cannot stress enough how important it is to save our planet and home for future generations.

Solar prices have continued to go down over the years with utility-scale solar farms now costing as little as $0.04/kWh, which can be cheaper than fossil fuels in certain areas. By installing solar panels on your home, you would save money from day one by not having to pay electric bills for electricity, thus creating ROI (return on investment) within five to seven years depending upon local Arizona area electricity prices.

Not only will you save money from day one, but as mentioned previously, prices have dropped significantly for those interested in Solar Energy Systems on their home. In Arizona, there are many tax credits and many rebates that can be used as incentives to reduce the cost of your solar panels system even further by up to 40%.  These rebates along with net metering are available to all homeowners within our country’s sunny borders.  Solar energy in Phoenix and the entire country is growing in popularity due to its ability to lower electric bills and save our planet, but it has even more benefits than that. 

Solar panels provide a green solution for many homes with their Solar Energy Systems. By producing clean solar energy, solar panels are responsible for eliminating millions of tons of harmful emissions from entering our atmosphere. Solar power plants can reduce a household’s carbon footprint by over 4,000 pounds of CO2 every year – the equivalent of planting 100 trees. Solar saves people money on their electric bills and helps save the planet for future generations to come, but it also gives back to those in need as well by providing Solar Energy Systems to those in need of a Solar Panel Installation. Solar panels have been used as a source of renewable energy for decades, but solar technologies have gone beyond just powering homes and businesses – more than 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity. Solar is the fastest-growing source of power with Solar Energy Systems being installed all over the world.

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