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Parks and recreation is what can be said to sum up the city of Indianola. With plenty to do both inside and outside, you never are at a loss for things to keep you busy and friends to speak with. They're a friendly city that has quaint neighborhoods with quiet streets. There is a lot to offer the visitor at Indianola. Find out more about this area for yourself.

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Things to Do

Since they are more about activity and keeping your body moving, many of the things you can do in the area are active. The sports and other complexes allow you to meet with others and do fun activities within the centers themselves. Not just that, but outside parks and hiking or biking trails are available throughout the year to use.

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Homes to Choose From

There are many different homes to choose from when you want something that fits your’s or your family’s needs. In this area, depending on the neighborhood you choose to purchase, you can find prices in the $100,000 to $450,000 ranges. If you’re looking to rent, then expect prices to be closer to $1,000 to $2,000 depending on size and location. 


There is a lot to be offered here at Indianola. You can find that they enjoy newcomers looking to lay roots in the city. With plenty to do, many homes for sale or rent, and an up and coming employment area; you can find the perfect place to set your own roots.

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