Dress Up Your Phoenix Backyard with a New Custom Pergola

A pergola is a great addition to any backyard that can provide many benefits. It provides a beautiful focal point for gatherings, sunbathing, and relaxing. A new custom pergola can be built at your home or business to suit your needs and style. You can choose from different types of materials like wood, metal, stone, concrete, and much more. Whether you are looking for something simple or elaborate, Randy Carpenter from Everything Residential has what you need!

Reasons to make your next patio project to add a custom pergola

A pergola comes in many different styles and sizes, but all function to provide protection from harsh elements. They might come in the form of a protective covering during a storm, or they could provide shade against the heat of the sun in the summertime. Pergolas can also be used as an artistic focal point in your garden.

Add to your beautiful patio the following perks when you add a pergola:

  • Protect your home from the weather
  • Create a private oasis for outdoor entertainment
  • Add character and style to your property

Your patio design can be matched with a custom pergola

Custom pergolas are designed specifically to fit each homeowner’s unique needs. Decorative Pergolas are perfect for enhancing outdoor spaces and adding a decorative touch to any home. They are used to create privacy screens and shade areas and add interest to entryways. Here are some styles that would look great in any yard, including:

  • Traditional – This type of pergola features a traditional design with arches and columns that create an open-air feel.
  • Modern – This type of perch has clean lines with straight angles and flat surfaces.
  • Contemporary – This type of pergola has a modern appearance with curved shapes and smooth surfaces.
  • Wood-style – This pergola is unique in that it blends the natural beauty of wood with a contemporary feel.

Decorative Pergolas are typically constructed from durable steel frame materials and covered in vinyl, aluminum, or wood. They can also be constructed using wooden beams and then covered in synthetic turf. Decorative Pergola Kits are also available and allow homeowners to construct their own pergolas at home, but do you have the experience to do it alone?

Bring your patio to life with design expertise to make a long-lasting outdoor living space

We all live busy lives, so we want our outdoor spaces to be as inviting as possible. At the same time, we don’t want them to take over our homes. So, we need to balance function with style. This requires getting input from people who understand both the practicalities and aesthetics of what we’re trying to achieve. They can give tips about materials, colors and designs that work well outdoors. And they can also help choose the right products to create a beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Remember, designing a backyard oasis requires more than just picking up some paint and a few plants. It takes years of experience and expertise to create a space where friends and family can relax and enjoy time outside. If you don’t have those skills, you’re going to need someone else’s help. Randy Carpenter from Everything Residential has many tools at his disposal to transform any yard into something beautiful and functional. The entire team can also advise homeowners about new trends in landscaping that may impact future projects.

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